Terms and conditions

It is beforehand specified that the presents terms and conditions govern sales made by Go Art Design, products were proposed on the mentioned site: goartdesign.dk

By navigating on goartdesign.dk or by ordering one of the products proposed on this site, the customer agrees to be bound by the presents conditions which apply to any offer, order and agreement between the customer and the company, as well as to any operation necessary for their execution.

The presents conditions are accessibles to all on the trade web site of Go Art Design. Go Art Design reserves the right to modify at any time the presents generals conditions subject to creating these modifications on its web site.


The sale prices of products mentioned on our site are indicated any included taxes (TTC) in Euro.

The expenses of delivery are not included in the prices displayed on our web site, for all orders they are based relation with items weight and country destination. The handling and preparation are added directly to the shipping. Other additionals costs which can possibly be put chargeables to the customer are indicated separately.

When ordering to a country other than Denmark you are considered as the importer of one or several concerned products.

The sale prices of products can be modified by Go Art Design at any time. The prices of the products which will have been bought during the passage of the order cannot be any more modified.

Products remain the property of Go Art Design up to the complete payment of the price.


Any order supposes the support without limitation or reserve for the presents generals terms of sale.

From the moment the customer booked order by clicking the icon to validate, it is considered as having accepted with full knowledge of the facts and without reserves the presents generals terms of sale, the prices, the volumes and the quantities of products proposed in the sale and ordered.

Unless proved otherwise, the data registered by Go Art Design constitute the proof of all the transactions taken place by Go Art Design and its customers.

If a product is out of stock you will be warned of it by e-mail. It will be up to you to write us by e-mail to choose another product or ask for the refund. Only the price of one or several products will been paid off, safe in the case of a complete order.

In the eventuality of a prolonged unavailability (more than 1 (one) month), your order or your product will automatically be cancelled and you will be paid off on the same way of refund as your order (Paypal or transfert bank).


Ordered articles are sent by registered parcel at the delivery address which you indicated during the process of command.

For the items Scandinavia and Danmark, you have the possibility of opting for an unsecured sending (not recommended). In this case you give up provisions of the Article 5 of the General Terms of Sale.

Products are sent after reception of the order and its payment. The deadline of expedition is between 2 and 3 working days.

The approximative delivery dates given at the completion of the order reflect the preparation + delivery time.

The indicated deadlines are usual average deadlines and correspond to the normal deadlines of processing.

Go Art Design cannot be kept person in charge of the consequences due to a delay of routing.It was expressly advisable that ownership transfer of the ordered items becomes actual from its sending.

As a consequence the customer accepts all the risks, particularly those connected to the transport. It falls to the customer to make, if need be, the reserves of use before taking delivery.


The payment of your purchases is made from the recording of the order :

  • By credit card via Paypal website,
  • Bank transfert (in Euros only),

(The payment must be realized during the order by the buyer. Payment should be made in euros only. At no time, the paid sums cannot be considered as deposit or advances).

The customer guarantees in Go Art Design that he arranges authorizations possibly necessary to use the method of payment which he will have chosen, during the recording of the order form.

Go Art Design reserves the right to suspend or to cancel any order and/or delivery, whatever is its nature and level of execution, in case of non-payment of any sum which would be due by the buyer or in case of incident of payment.


You have a deadline of 14 (fourteen) days from the reception day to return the product to its original packing with your request of exchange or refund under written.

The returns are to be made to Go Art Design Lørslev Vesterhede 50, 9800 Hjørring – Danmark.

The exchange or the refund will be made for the deadline lower or equal in 14 (fourtheen) days after reception by our care of the returned products. The refund will be made by means of payment made during the order sent, in the name of the customer, having placed the order and at the billing address.

The repayment of costs associated with returning products can be assured if the claim is justified. This refund will be in the form of discount coupon on our site.


For any information or question relative to the follow-up of your order, you can contact us by e-mail at the following address: contact@goartdesign.eu.


All the texts, the comments, the illustrations pictures, photos and the images reproduced on the site Go Art Design are reserved in conformance with the copyright as well as in conformance with the intellectual property and for the whole world.

Only a private use is allowed after express agreement of Go Art Design.

Any other use is essential of imitation is forbidden, and subject to legal proceedings. Any total or partial reproduction of the catalog of Go Art Design is strictly forbidden without written authorization written by Go Art Design.


The proposed products are in accordance with the current Danish legislation.

The responsibility of Go Art Design could not be hired in case of non compliance with the legislation of the countries where products are delivered.

It is up to you to verify or control with the local authorities the possibilities of import or use of the products which you intend to order.

All the texts, the comments, the illustrations pictures, photos and the images are not contractuals.

As a consequence, the responsibility of Go Art Design could not be hired in case of error in the illustrations or the description of products.

Go Art Design will incur no responsibility for any consequential damage because of the present, the operating loss, the loss of profit, the loss of chance, damage or expenses.

Hypertext links can send back towards other sites that the goartdesign.eu website.

Go Art Design releases any responsibility in case of the contents of these sites would violate the current legal and statutory requirements.

Go Art Design cannot be kept for person in charge of the non-fulfillment of the contract in case of stock shortage or unavailability of the product because of a case of absolute necessity, disturbance or all-out or partial strike in particular postal services and means of transportation and/or communications.

Go Art Design cannot be kept for person in charge of any consequential damage which could arise because of the purchase of products.

Go Art Design could not be responsible for quite loss of data, files. It is up to the customer to proceed to all the necessary protections.


If one or several conditions of the present general terms of sale are kept for valid or declared as such in enforcement of a law, a regulation or following a definitive decision of a competent juridiction, the other conditions will keep all their strength and their reach.


The present general terms of sale are submitted to the Danish law. They are drafted in French (original version), translated in English for the completeness of the site.

This Agreement, including the General Terms of sale, shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the Denmark and shall be construed in accordance with them. It is expressly agreed that all disputes arising out of the Contract, including General Terms of sale, are the exclusive of the Courts of the Denmark. In case of dispute, the customer will first contact Go Art Design for an amicable solution.


The customer expressly agrees that his personal data are subject to computer processing. Go Art Design agrees to comply with the legal provisions in force. You have a right of access, a rectification, and an opposition to the particulars concerning you. For it it’s enough to make to us the request by e-mail (contact@goartdesign.eu) or by mail (Lørslev Vesterhede 50, 9800 Hjørring – Danmark) by indicating to us your name, first name and address.